How to Open a Beer Bottle with a Card Clip

How to Crack Open a Cold One with a Card Clip!

This is a super cool trick that we picked up from our good friend Chris Severson of Technique Playing Cards at Cardistry-Con in Los Angeles last year.

Say you've just sat down with your friends, you've got a few ice cold beers waiting to quench your terrible thirst BUT no bottle opener!

Terrible scenario isn't it? You and your friends are dying of thirst. However, YOU are a Cardist, a damn hero, and you can save they day with this cool little tricks.

Never will be cracking open a cold one with the boys be so cool.

Check out the video below 

Here's how you do it:

1. Grip the bottle around the neck, just below the bottle cap, with the thumb on top of your index finger.

2. Take your card clip on it's spine edge and wedge it between your thumb and the bottle cap.

3. Add pressure, and utilising your thumb as a lever - apply upwards pressure on the edge of the bottle cap and downwards pressure on your thumb. The cap should just fly off!

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